Life Is Beautiful: Carl Linnaeus

Find wonder in all things, even the most commonplace.

Carl Linnaeus

Happy New Year! As we start off this new year and find the beauty in a fresh calendar lets take a minute to put self care at the top of our list of prioritys.

Self care is already implemented into our daily routine when we brush our teeth, wash our face, brush our hair, clean our bodies, eat nutrious food, working out, etc. We forget that there is a beauty in putting our health first especially when it comes to the simple things.

There is a wonder inside routines, they remind us to do the little things we take for granted. We notice greatly when we forget to do something and our bodies feel off. Ever been too tired to wash your makeup off or brush your teeth? You feel the weight in your face.

Maybe there is a self care item you have been neglecting. Add it into your daily, every other day or, weekly routine.

Try flossing, working out, adding in vegetables or fruits, meditate for five minutes, say kind words to yourself in the mirror, stretch, go to sleep 30 minutes earlier.

My challenge for this week is to add an extra self care item into my routine and make it a habit. I will write down all the ways I already take care of myself and thank myself for it.

As this new year begins I want to find beauty in the small things I do for myself everyday. Happiness can be found within.

If you are struggling with being happy honor the fact that you take care of yourself in small ways each days.

If you are struggling with the small things you are not alone. I have gone through periods where I couldn’t get out of bed, forgot to brush my teeth and hair, and neglected myself pretty bad.

A thing that helped me was using post-it notes to make a list of the small things to do each day and sticking it on the wall above my bed.

Start taking care of yourself, add in self care, and find beauty in your routine. Wherever you are today honor yourself by taking it one small step farther.

Feel good. Pass it on.

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