Life Is Beautiful: Kobi Yamada

Lose yourself in what you love. Find yourself in what you love.

Kobi Yamada

This is probably one of my favorite quotes for the simple fact that I find myself afraid to lose myself in what I love. For a long time I have struggled with the social mirror of how others percieve me. I hid myself away and tried to fit a mold of what I thought was ‘cool’.

I was living a life hidden behind a closed door that lead to fake friends, self hate, and became a factor in my depression.

After a pretty rough junior year of college and a few good friends that helped me realize I could be hardcore into something and people would still think I was cool I started to open up about the things I love.

I fell back in love with reading, tv shows, horror films, film, started talking more openly about how much I love sports, told people I love to scuba dive, music I danced my heart out to. And for the first time since I was a young child I started to feel like me again. But of course things happened and I lost myself again. I shut down those pieces of myself and hid them away. Fearing I would be judged.

It has taken me into my mid twenties, and some pretty big realization with friends, for me to realize losing myself in what I love helped me find myself and be happy again. I have learend that I need to fight for myself to be happy over what I think others want from me.

Just because you do not fit one persons perception of ‘cool’ doesn’t mean you aren’t cool to someone else. When you open up about what your’e passionate about you will find others who admire it and those who also love it. You will find the people who think you are cool for just being you and loving what you love.

My challenge for this week is to take time to lose myself in things I love and find a little happiness.

Life is more beautiful when you are being you.

Feel good. Pass it on.

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