13 Worst Ways To Die In A Movie: 5-Worst Swim Ever

Happy Monday the 13th! It’s a new year and we are kicking this one off with the reason I am so afraid to swim or be alone in a pool.

The fifth: your worst swim ever.

For those of you who don’t remember the hint from last month this one is a single movie inside a franchise that has 26 released movies in it.

Anyone want to take a quick guess? Marvel has 23, X-Men has 13, both Star Wars and Star Trek have 12. But only James Bond has 26 (soon to be 27). As a kid we had all the box sets on DVD and my brother and I would spend hours watching all the films dreaming of being so sophisticated to order a Martini shaken not stirred.

Thunderball (1965) was the fourth film the franchise staring Sean Connery in a thriller that featured one particular scarring scene to my younger self. SPOILER ALERT: He gets trapped in a pool fighting another person when sharks are all of a sudden released in the water.

I remember getting all nervous and thinking what if that happens to me? What if I’m all innocently playing in the water just minding my damn business and a freaking shark comes up and eats me? We don’t even actually see anyone die, it’s more implied and that almost feels worse.

To be honest I still get a bit nervous as an adult in pools.

Those of you who know me are probably scratching your heads right now because you know, even from a young age, I love to swim in the ocean, go scuba diving, and I love sharks. I have swam with sharks several times and never been afraid to get back in the water and I have on my bucket list the desire to get a selfie with a shark.

But the thing is, and I know this is completely irrational, that’s the ocean and not a pool. Logically that doesn’t make any sense! I already know this.

But my childhood fear comes creeping back in and I feel small and helpless when I think of being alone in that vast terrifying possibly shark infested pool.

So there you have it. My number five way I do not want to die in a movie. My totally rational fear of being eaten by a shark in a swimming pool.

See you next month for movie six. Hint-this movie came out at the start of the last decade and has to deal with insanity.

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