Life Is Beautiful: Corinne Roosevelt Robinson

Stretch out your hand and take the world’s wide gift of joy and beauty.

Corinne Roosevelt Robinson

In order to see the beauty in life you have to be ready and willing to accept it. If you are struggling with this then try chaning your point of view.

They say everyone who sees a car accident happen will see a different accident depending on the place they are standing. Where are you standing today?

Are you ready to stick your hand out and accept the gift of joy and beauty?

My challenge this week is to be open to accepting the worlds gift of joy and beauty.

Take the idea of being open and apply it to your life. The universe is waiting to give you joy and beauty when you are ready to accept it.

Apply the idea from week two that there is phenomenal in the bad and know that the higher power out there is looking to show you beauty in every circumstance.

This world can beat us down and hide the beauty away easily. Keep your eyes open and searching. Beauty is out there.

Feel good. Pass it on.

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