Life Is Beautiful: Helen Keller

Each day comes to me with both hands full of possibilities…

Helen Keller

When we wake and see the day as pointless we are doing a great disservice to ourselves. Each of us has something, probably more than one thing, to be angry or sad about and feel that living is worthless.

Each of us. Each of us can say that.

Even the person who looks so incredibly happy has something happening right now or that happened in the past that drags their soul down.

Choice is the factor that takes a day from pointless to beautiful. You can choose to see despite all the trauma, anger, pain you have inside that today can be full of beautiful possibility.

This is purely a choice. Choose to see the possibilities and beauty will flow into your hands. Depression and anxiety can make this hard to see. Some mornings I wake up and refuse to get out of bed. I ignore the beauty and focus on things I cannot change and stress on what might happen. Forgetting I have the power to grow from what has happened and positively impact my future.

My challenge this week is to reach my hands out and be open to possibilities even when I feel like I should stay in bed under the covers.

Let’s see how the clouds part and the sun fills my life as I choose to do this. Let’s see how my soul starts to heal. Let’s see how much lighter I feel and impact those around me in a positive way.

Feel good. Pass it on.

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