Home Planet Part Two

If Earth wasn’t my home planet
I would be from a place
Where sadness didn't exist
And I would never have to see it
In eyes staring back at me in 
I would have arms that could
Wrap into a deep embrace
To squeeze the sadness out 
Like an orange for fresh juice
I would be free from my own mind
The bars that keep me locked inside
My minds cage - gone
And I travel around free from
Anxiety, Depressions, Anger, Hopelessness
I wouldn’t need mind numbing distractions
To get myself through a day
And be able to master the art of meditation
Being at peace with myself
Exploring the boundries of the universe
Life wouldn’t feel so hopeless
Wondering what is the purpose
Was I an accident
Why this body-this life-these circumstances
Just  ... .  .. .   ...  Why
If Earth wasn’t my home planet
I wouldn’t be human
Taking for granted 
The good stuff
Wollowing in the darkest parts
Forgetting to apperciate 
The beautiful things born out of them
If everything was perfect 
Compared to this life
I would eventually see it as bland 
Unable to appreciate 
The scars of existence
If I never experience the 
Gut wrenching
Wanting to stop going
How do I get out of bed today
horrible side of life
Then I wouldn’t understand how to grow
From the girl I was into the person I am supposed to be
Knowing that I embraced 
the fucked-up beauty
Of being human

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