Life Update

Hi guys, I wanted to take a quick moment to give an update. My life has been a bit crazy over the past year and a half (and really longer), I stopped blogging due to this.

I had a lot of personal stuff happening with family, friends, my mental health, starting up a business, and so on. I will go into some of this at a later date.

Things are doing better so that is good! I will be continuing the Life Is Beautiful series starting this Wednesday, starting back up with the 13 Worst ways to die in a movie series, and have a few more ideas for other series.

I know a lot of crazy stuff is happening in the world and it really has been hard to find the beauty and goodness. I have hard core struggled with my depression recently and I am hoping talking about life being beautiful will inspire of some you as I inspire myself.

As things are difficult in our world and personal lives it is important to remember that we can control only ourselves. We get to put beauty into the world and choose to do better than yesterday.

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