Life Is Beautiful: Thomas Merton

…be all alive, body, soul, mind, heart, spirit.

Thomas Merton

A vital part of health is balance. We tend to ignore one or more areas of ourselves and fall into a routine that leads us to trouble. Getting stuck in this trap for a long time, falling into it slowly, and not realizing it.

Being alive is a full-body experience. It takes balance and practice in all five areas to feel whole. When one or more of the above-mentioned areas is out of sync we tend to feel off-balance and that’s when we see problems arise.

I have felt out of sorts in all areas for a long while now. I have been working on getting myself back to a place of balance. I know it can feel overwhelming to think about how can I realine myself?

Hopefully telling you a quick background of my story will help inspire you.

Body: I started working out almost two years ago (this Sunday), beforehand I always felt my body wasn’t good enough. I was never skinny enough or that I wasn’t good enough inside my own skin. I would get glimpses of feeling in control but it felt impossible to keep ahold of that feeling. After some searching and a lot of failure in trying to get in shape, I found my workout: kickboxing. And it gave me so much confidence, I have a blog post on it!

I challenge you this week to try a new workout. It can be kickboxing, pilates, yoga, running, cycling. Go to youtube, see if any gyms are opening back up and have specials, try Groupon.

Soul: Have you ever felt heavy? Like the things and people in your life weigh you down? I have felt that exact way! And at times I haven’t been able to put a finger on exactly what it was that was draining my soul. Trust your intuition, that feeling you get in your gut when something feels off and go with it.

I challenge you this week to listen to your intuition and make a healthy change for your soul. Try cutting something or someone out for a day or a week that is draining you and see how you feel. (Maybe social media?)

Mind: Has your mind ever felt numb and heavy to the place where you just can’t find a way to get out of bed or move. Staring at the floor and not even realizing that an hour has gone by? Depression taking over and clouding your mind. This next challenge is one of the hardest things to do in a depression cloud. Get out of your routine!

I challenge you this week to fight your mind and try something healthy. Go for a walk, go sit outside for a minute, try something that you haven’t in a while. Yesterday I was having trouble getting out of bed and almost canceled my workout but I took my own advice and got out of bed and it helped!

Heart: Our hearts get filled with all kinds of different emotions and things. When we aren’t careful we can let rage, anger, sadness, negativity fill inside our hearts and then we express that out to everyone around us. When we shut out love, positivity, kindness our body react in a bad way. We feel depressed, we feel like eating badly or like we shouldn’t eat at all, we let bad things control our lives.

I challenge you this week to drain your heart of all bad emotions and fill it back up with all the good ones. Try a heart chakra meditation, my favorite one on Spotify is from Greg de Veris here, the whole thing takes about half an hour or you can do the single meditation for less than 5 mins! Also, try to observe your emotions rather than feeling them, figure out why you feel this instead of getting lost in it (not gonna lie this is hard, but a practice I have started recently and it is helping).

Spirit: As defined by me is the force inside of us that drives us and is connected to our consciousness and personality. Once we find our consciousness and personality getting out of whack it can be a slippery slope into things we would normally not find ourselves doing. I’m not just talking about the extremes (drugs, alcohol), but the other things like getting angry with family and friends for no reason or neglecting our self-care, ect..

I challenge you to examine your spirit and realign yourself. See how your consciousness and personality are reacting to everything that comes in front of your face and if you are reacting in an unhealthy way take some time to right yourself and react positively, figure out why your life force feels compromised.

Get balanced my friends

Feel good. Pass it on.

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