Life Is Beautiful: Annette Funicello

Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful.

Annette Funicello

In the age of Instagram and Youtube Influencers it is easy to get sucked in and feel like our life isn’t as ‘wonderful’ as the person living on the other end. Even among our friends/followers we usually see them posting only the really high highs and get down on ourselves because our lives have a lot of crap and there’s seems to be moving along just fine. Life seems unfair.

Go take a moment and look at your own feed and your posts. I’m sure a lot of those photos have a bunch of wonderful and bad memories associated with that trip, moment, event, etc. But those bad moments don’t have to make the captured picture any less wonderful. In all reality, they make the good moments notable.

Life is messy and unfair. So many wonderful moments in life are surround around bad ones. How can we expect life to be wonderful if all we know is perfection? Perfection is unattainable and honestly bland. Some of the most beautiful things I have seen have come out of imperfection. To have a wonderful life you need to grasp that life is unfair-accept it.

From a young age my dad told me life wasn’t fair and that I would need to get used to that. He would quote the Rolling Stones and tell us “you can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometime you find, you get what you need and I found that when I relaxed a bit in situations where I felt like things weren’t perfect I found that they had a way of working out-even if it wasn’t what I originally expected.

My challenge to you is to stop placing so much of your happiness on perfection. Life is not a photo opp, stop acting like it will be, and learn to relax and go with the imperfection.

Things don’t always work out in the next five minutes. Sometimes they take a while, and the waiting sucks. If we place an expectation onto life that it must be fair and wonderful then we will find that chasing that perfection makes us miserable.

Life is messy, life is unfair, but life is also wonderful. Give relaxing a try and soak in the wonderful perfection of imperfect beauty.

Feel good. Pass on it.

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