Life Is Beautiful: Anne Perry

Look for what is good and you will certainly find it.

Anne Perry


Okay I say that but I definitely struggle when I get deep into my brain. I recently talked about this in therapy and my therapist told me that when I start to dwell on all the negative to remind myself of the positive.

And that is so hard sometimes. When you look for bad you will pull up every reason why things are so and refuse to see the good.

I sometimes cannot pull myself out of it, so instead of trying to find good memories (cause I will start to focus on the bad only and it gets confusing) I start with affirmations. Here are a few I use:

  • I am enough
  • I am okay
  • Things will work out
  • My body is enough

My daily affirmation I wrote in my journal today was -I let go of everything that has happened to me and open myself for new things. The past has no power over me.

I challenge you this week to say positive affirmations to yourself when you get deep into your own brain focusing on the negative only and try to pull yourself slowly out.

Make it a habit, find your own sayings or use mine, once you go negative close your eyes take a deep breath and start saying positive things to yourself until you calm down and can eventually do it without thinking.

Feel good. Pass it on.

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