Life Is Beautiful: Ansel Adams

…believe the world is incomprehensibly beautiful-an endless prospect of magic and wonder.

Ansel Adams

Raise your hand if this sounds hard to believe. If your hand is raised like mine then know that you are not alone. This world seems incomprehensibly bad. And I go back and forth on whether it’s even worth it to be here, if I should even try to make it a better place.

We are constantly bombarded on social media with how horrible humans are and how bad things are. Videos and articles about people hurting animals and abandoning them. Constant footage of police brutality. Karen’s all over the internet proving people can’t think beyond themselves. Kids being abducted and people like Jeffery Epstein taking advantage of young girls and women. And so much more.

So yeah, the world really seems like a horrible place full of ugly dark stains.

If you choose to think that this is the only way the world is then you won’t see the magic and wonder I can.

You can only control yourself. You cannot control that other people do bad things or hurt others. You get to choose what kind of energy you will put out into the world even when people around you crap all over you.

You have the power to do better than yesterday. You cannot go back and change the past, no matter how hard you try to do so. You cannot fix something that was broken previously. What you can do is grow beauty out of the cracks and reshape the jagged pieces.

Take magic and wonder and apply that to the bad horrible stuff you see and be a ripple. Instead of staying passive and neutral and ignoring the problem say something, be the change. You might not walk away with all your friends at the end of the night but you will have put beauty out into the world instead of negativity. You get to say what we previously accepted is not what we should accept, lets grow.

Believing in a world that can be incomprehensibly beautiful starts with you helping change the world. Not all of us where made to do large splashes. If we all do something good, even a small act, for humanity, animals, the environment, victims, we will put magic and wonder into the world.

Together we can create a more beautiful tomorrow.

My challenge is to practice making the world a more beautiful place one day at a time. Speak up, show love, be kind, be patient, do something helpful, recycle. Make the world a magical place that inspires other.

Feel good. Pass it on.

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