Life Is Beautiful: Robert Irwin

It’s a constant, continuous, spectacular world we live in.

Robert Irwin

I have been staring at my computer for the last half hour trying to figure out how to write about this. Because honestly with the depression swirling around in my head it doesn’t feel that way.

As I think about the man who ran a red light today almost running right into me without even an indication that he did something wrong, I see how irresponisble people think their actions will be. As I think about the so called friends I had a year ago who spread rumors behind my back and tried to turn people against me without a care as to how it would affect me, I see how rotten people can be. As I think about the things my parents said to me before and during the divorce not thinking about the position it put me in and the boundries they crossed leading me to stop talking to them all togthere, I see how carelessly selfish people are.

And I question how the world can constantly be continously spectacular.

But then I think about the time a few years ago an airport worker stopped me and told me I looked like Blair from Gossip Girl and the comment made my day. And how my best friends dog sees me and goes absoultly crazy with excitment and one of my brothers cats wont stop purring as it snuggles into me and stays in my arms. I think about the way I feel when I see my favorite person and know they stood up for me and stood by me when others where two faced.

And I see how the world is constantly and continuously spectacular. And I challenge you to live more constantly and continuously spectacular.

Be the stranger who gives a compliment. Don’t hold that stuff in, it might help someone whose mental state is on the verge of destruction fall back into the good place. Give so much love that when a pet or friend sees you they light up on the inside with joy to be in your presence. Be the person who fights for their loved ones and takes the time to talk to them even if its a tough or an uncomfortable conversation.

Be a constant and continuous spectacular soul.

Feel good. Pass it on.

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