Escapes Series Overview

This next series is called Escapes: Take A Moment To Connect To Yourself and will focus on meditation. I will be using a book as a guide along this journey and the info to purchase it is at the bottom of this page

This series will be 16 weeks long and each week will consist of three meditations based off the illustration and passage for that theme. I will be doing them in the morning for 5 mins on the first day, 10 mins on the second, and then 15 mins on the third. I will write about each meditation in a journal and do some self refelection within each of the five sections.

  • Section One: Take this moment to begin.
  • Section Two: Everything you are.
  • Section Three: Breathe in and find it.
  • Section Four: Drawing you towards?
  • Section Five: What do you notice in this moment?

I have been dabbling in meditation for about a year now and I love it! Sometimes its really easy and I can get lost for an hour other times its so difficult 5 mins feels like an eternity.

I am by no means an expert but meditation really has helped me. It’s a great tool for when you feel anxiety, depression, overwhelmed, unbalanced. And a good tool on your spiritual journy.

Like a lot of people you might have some reservations about mediation if you come from a strong Christian background. The purpose of this is to feel more balanced and centered. It is not to experiment with anything evil but to find peace, love, healing, beauty. If you are still nervous about it then open the Bible and you can find evidence of Jesus meditating.

I hope over the next 4 months we can find balance and connect to ourselves.

How do you want this day to be? Take a moment to connect to yourself.

Escapes Take A Moment To Connect To Yourself by M.H. Clark

Amazon, eBay, and other estores have it for sale as a physical/digital copy.

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