Escapes: Take This Moment To Begin-Rocky Coast

Week two. Imagine you are standing on the edge of a rocky place where the water meets the earth crashing in front of you. A Place you wouldn’t come for a leisure swim. Tide pools are all around you, the sea washing in and out. The air smells of salt and the sun is resting in the sky. You are at the place where the land meets the sea. How do you feel?

Each of our meditation journeys will be different. So don’t worry if your rocky coast takes on something different or is set in a different time (period, day).

This meditation series was real interesting to me because I am a water sign and an empath. Both are greatly affected by water. I have always felt a pull to the ocean, like it was a safe place for me. I have my dive master scuba license, my family has been sailing out of the open ocean on catamarans for vacations where we did all the work, and I have always loved to go swimming.

Sometimes I wonder if I was a mermaid in another life!

A quick back ground:

My sun sign is a Scorpio and my moon sign is a Pisces. Much like your sun sign (which has a larger time frame) your moon sign is whatever astrological place the moon was in the day and time you were born. To know your moon sign you will need to know as close to the exact time of your birth and the location. Pisces in moon signs are highly emotional and sensitive people. Especially to others feelings and emotions. Which plays into me being an empath and having high emotional intelligence.

An empath is someone who can pick up on the feelings of others and even take on those emotions. So it’s really important to understand what are your emotions and what are those of the people around you.

At first when I started my mediation I felt like I had to make a decision if I was going to stand on the land or in the water. When I was standing on the land I felt unbalanced and anxious, but as soon as I stepped into the water I felt a wave of calmness. Empaths can help recharge and protect themselves against other people’s energies by getting into water (salt water is especially cleansing). The land felt cold and unwelcoming while the sea rocked me gently in its warm embrace.

My next meditation I felt that we all have an internal struggle and we come to a place where we fight ourselves. The divide between the land and the sea. Once we make a decision and get away from that divide it is easier to look back and see what we couldn’t in that moment. We do the most growing in that violent divide where the sea crashes into the rocks and the rocks become jagged.

My third meditation my feet felt like ice, if you know me in person then this isn’t a surprise. I am cold all the time, even in the summer, but my toes felt colder than usual and warmed back up once I came out of the meditation.

The interesting part about day three was that I started to notice the tide pools. I noticed how they are like mini worlds. We as humans live inside our own little worlds and sometimes forget that the people we meet on the streets also have their own little worlds that we know nothing about until we get the chance to experience their tide pool. We never know when a giant wave has rocked their pool and turned the world upside down. Unless we take the time to connect we will never know what everyone’s tide pools hold.

I feel like this mediation series was a lot of push and pull for me. It made me take a step backwards and remember that the water is my friend. That we are constantly growing and walking the edge of a rocky coast. And finally, that each of us has a life full of chaos and we should remember that and treat each other gently.

How do you want this day to be? Take a moment to connect to yourself.

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