Escapes: Take This Moment To Begin-Snowy Cedar Forest

Week three. Imagine you are standing in a winter wonderland. Everything is quite and each sound echo’s off the snow. This place holds a lot for you, it’s safe and old. Like a familiar safe space. The trees are high above you and a walking path is in front for you to explore. This is a sanctuary. How do you feel?

Each of our meditation journeys will be different. So don’t worry if your snowy cedar forest takes on something different or is set in a different time (period, day).

I have been here before. These woods are familiar to me but not in this life time. I understand that much. I came to these woods while meditating months ago and was accompanied by my wolf.

I have a wolf that visits me in my meditation and sometimes dreams. He walks with me, guides me, comforts me, protects me-taking on whatever role I need from him in that moment. His name is Pluto (like the planet-and if you remember the last post I am very connected to the water and Pluto is a water planet).

Day one I could feel the energy of the forest, the trees vibrated with life when I placed my hand on them and the forest flowed into me. Pluto and I started walking, taking in the stillness and cold air around us. I stopped and petted him, feeling his energy vibrate through my hands (I did feel this energy in my hands physically while I was meditating).

Day two I was alone this time and I was very cold. My brain weighed heavily on life and fertility, the woman’s body. I was drifting a bit but I was able to stay in the woods and feel calm and reflective thinking about my woman hood (I got my period today so maybe that has something to do with it). I was able to get into a clear headed meditative state today and that was very comforting and a nice break to the chaotic normal thoughts.

Day three I felt an overwhelming sense of safety. Nothing could penetrate this safe space I was in. No harm was going to come to me here.

I struggle with feeling safe a lot. Due to things that happened in the past I feel the need to watch the door and struggle to let people get close. In my safe place in the woods I could feel the energy of those who care about me. Those who have shown me they will protect me. My wolf included in this.

I had a dream a while back where Pluto was with me in a house. In a house I have never been to. I had an altercation with someone who was trying to attack me and my Pluto ate him. Ever since that moment I knew my wolf was there to help me and protect me when I felt like I couldn’t.

I feel like this mediation series was a chance for me to slow down and take a moment to realize I am safe. I now understand I have people in my corner who will help me. I am not completely helpless or defenseless. Things are constantly feeling chaotic and I struggle to find the silence and rest in my world. We need people to help us through our struggles and lean on when we can’t do it alone. Everyone should feel safe.

How do you want this day to be? Take a moment to connect to yourself.

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