Escapes: Everything You Are-Meadow With Flowers

Week four. Imagine you are standing in a meadow with flowers that tickle your ankles. Bursting with your favorite colors, colors that bring you back to a place of safety and comfort. You are safe here. This is a place to stop and rest along your long journey. The mountains that surround you here are to be climbed but not today. Today you get to rest and relax in this meadow How do you feel?

Each of our meditation journeys will be different. So don’t worry if your meadow with flowers takes on something different or is set in a different time (period, day).

For me this was a place of intense rest. To come and lay down and let the weight of everything I have been dragging behind me rest on the ground next to me. The world has been too heavy and I need to take a break and recharge.

The next set of mountains ahead, the ones that surround my meadow, I will be climbing in the near future. If I tried to climb them today I would fall down miserably, bloody and bruised. It would be ten times harder. Today I am not equipped to take another step.

I have been feeling very overwhelmed during these meditations like I don’t know which mountain to climb next. I can see each of them and I feel frustrated and tired. My back feels heavy and I want to scream at them. The air grows dark and a thunder storm rains down on me.

I am having trouble functioning. Going to sleep by 10pm and struggling to wake up 8am. Physically, emotionally, mentally drained. Suicidal thoughts playing around the corners of my brain once again.

The urge to rest in the meadow and leave the mountains for another day screams at me. So I sit in the meadow and wait.

It starts to feel more peaceful. I have climbed so many mountains already. These new ones, I will conquer one day. When the time is right, as I have done to get here, to this meadow.

I draw in strength, strength I thought was impossible, strength I pulled out of the deepest part of myself I didn’t know existed, strength that exists in parts of me I have not explored yet, and I rest today.

How do you want this day to be? There is room here for you to be yourself.

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