Escapes: Everything You Are-Lush Rain Forest

Week six. Imagine you are standing in a rain forest filled with every shade of green. Tangled and wrapped up in each piece of nature. Gentle sunlight filters in around and fills the space with warmth. Waterfalls are nearby and birds chirp around you. How do you feel?

Each of our meditation journeys will be different. So don’t worry if your lush rain forest takes on something different or is set in a different time (period, day).

I felt tension and anxiety around my heart chakra (my dominate chakra) being surrounded in a lush green environment made me calm and helped me release some of that tension. Green is my favorite color and the color associated with the 4th, your heart (Anahata),of the 7 chakra’s.

Like a rain forest that is lush I can feel my life is alive, prosperous, and growing. Those three words kept repeating in my head repeatedly. I felt them towards my business, life, relationships, and new adventures.

Images and the feeling of dancing in waterfalls barefoot and swimming around I felt a strong connect to the earth and its power-the goodness of the world that I let radiate into me.

The 4th chakra, Anahata or your heart chakra, focuses on our ability to love. It is associated with affection, unconditional love, compassion.

As I have felt the tension and pain creep around it I feel anger in my life bursting out. I find it hard to relax and release the pain somedays. I fight with myself internally to practice love and forgiveness.

By no means have I mastered this. I am still learning. Some mornings I wake up and want to give the whole world a giant middle finger.

I have come to learn in my short time that being bitter is a choice. You don’t get to choose a lot in this world. And by the time you find your voice a lot has been done to you, so you get to choose what kind of life you are going to lead.

Will I wake up today and work towards love, compassion, kindness or will I wake up and give the world a giant middle finger?

Even if you do wake up giving the world a giant middle finger you can always turn it around 😉

How do you want this day to be? There is room here for you to be yourself.

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