Escapes: Breathe In and Find It-White Sand Beach

Week seven. Imagine you are standing on a beautiful beach. Your soul is like a kid again and you feel like running, building sandcastles, swimming, and exploring the beach. The cool waves rolling in against the sun soaked sand. The palm trees along the shore wave to you as the breeze tickles by. How do you feel?

Each of our meditation journeys will be different. So don’t worry if your white sand beach takes on something different or is set in a different time (period, day).

I felt safe and playful at the beach. Like when I was a kid with no worries or plans, playing in the sand hair full of tangles and covered in sand head to toe. I hear the beach speak to me-remember to be like calm water, kind and gentle.

Spinning in the sun I soak up the warm rays into my cold bones. Feeling like I have neglected my inner child in this chaotic world of adulthood. Rarely do we tend to just stop and play in our environment. We carry the weight of the world around on top of us and forget that life is a game. We go on missions and complete life tasks. We gain skills and accomplishments, advancing in levels. Gaining riches, objects, and new armor.

We stress over things that won’t matter tomorrow and are small in the grand scheme of things. We take life way too seriously and let the small things come in and take hold of us like a hurricane.

If we think of life like a video game then pause and take a moment to think and calm down. Move your character out of the conflict and into a new environment. Pause when you need to and take a break. Keep playing for fun and enjoying the game of life.

Winning doesn’t look the same to everyone. Go win at life for yourself. Screw what social norms you feel forced to do and do what makes you happy. When you are happy and being your authentic self then you are truly winning at life. Others will see this and feel inspired by you.

And life will become a more authentic winning game.

How do you want this day to be? There is a part of you that remains calm and unchanging.

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