Prosecco and You

Long gone are the days

Failing a midterm

Felt like the end of the world


Long gone are the days

A pile of dishes

Was our biggest adulating challenge


Long gone are the days

Across the hall

I could find comfort


Long gone are the days

Instead of studying

We watched Bob’s Burgers


Long gone are the days

Where only an hour

Turned into dancing drunk at 2am


Long gone are the days

Of spontaneous Walmart runs

And 1am chalk street art


Long gone are the days

Of sitting on our college couch

Prosecco and you

P.S. I Love You

Fresh picked strawberries

And a French baguette

Beside the crystal blue waters

The morning mist rolled in

The sunrise was an orange freeze


Wildflowers covering the forest edge

The rain kissed leaves dripped

Onto the soft floral below


We strolled the beach grass

It was our summer escape

You looked like pure innocence

The morning song was turning

Into a beautiful day


The sky turned apple lavender

You bit into a perfect peach

Your mind went to a Paris daydream

The Montana mountain air crept down

I gave you one last sunset serenade

Before I pulled you through the fresh waterfall mist

And gave you one more dark kiss



The cranberry woods around me

Wouldn’t let you be mine anymore

It was a winter wonderland

And you left me in the winter ice

I stood by your body in the twilight woods

As you drifted into a tranquil sleep


Your mind at peace in the dream fields

I sang  you into a cinnamon heaven

Sparkling snowflakes fell from above

To the ground beneath you a snow kissed berry




The air changed to a cool spring

An April mist rolled in

The now spring meadow

Hint at the first blooms


Months later I stand by the lakeside

And listen to the mountain song

I imagine I’m with you in the Paris nights

Hearing you sing to me love love love

Us, sweet on Paris


A Quarter

Can you hear?

When you’re shopping for all that gear

Santa out on the corner

Asking for a quarter


But why should you stop

You’ve really got to shop!

I’ll tell you why

You should modify.


There is a little boy

who won’t be filled with joy

When he finds on Christmas morning

Another toy less year spent yearning


She waits for the sign of sunlight

Praying this year just might

Be the one she finds Santa’s come

And can forget she lives in the slums


With Christmas near

Take some time to spread cheer,

It doesn’t take much

For a child’s life to be touched

I Have A Feeling

I have a feeling

That all the way

Up in those white

Fluffy clouds

You are dancing

With joy.


Looking upon

Your four children,

Knowing they all

Found a way

To be in

The same space.


I have a feeling

You are beyond

Happy that she found

Her brothers.


At last they have

Their big sister

To watch out

For them,

And to watch out

For her.


I have a feeling

That you have

Watched her

All these years.


Doted on her

From above.

Watched her children

grow up.


I have a feeling

That you couldn’t

Stop grinning

Ear to ear

When she fits

In perfectly.


You could see

The siblings bonding

In a way that you

Wish you could

Be part of.


I have a feeling

That you are

Up in heaven

Looking down on

Your daughter.


A smile relaxes

On your face.

Finally, she made

It home.


A poem I wrote for my mom in May 2017.

The Letter From My Hair Dryer

Toilets, running sinks, and showers

Threaten to zap you if I flee

My cord dangles giving me my powers

Breathing out of me heat you cannot see


Low, Medium, or High heat

I can turn Cool at the push of a button too

Your hair using me to cheat

But be careful not to burn off all that shampoo


My friends sit next to me

Some go unused

Like the hair protector

You are supposed to use


Other of my friends feel afraid

Especially the Toothbrush

You smother him,

Drown him,

And force him into your mouth


My dear friend

The foundation

Is slowly being

Powdered away


I lay here on the counter,

Floor, or just in the cabinet

I wait till you need me

For the moment you wish

To suck the water

Out of your hair


I watch you style away

Using me and my friends for your desire

When you are done you leave us straightaway

I get lonely till our next adventure,

just your simple hair dryer

The Ocean and The Diver


In me they wade.

In me they play.

In me they won’t stay,

Humans will come

And they will go.


The human will try to breath,

And they will succeed.

But I can let them know

How dangerous I can be.

One swift tug on your face

And out pops that tube.

The tube you use

That one that lets you breath.

Your lungs filling

With the heavy air

That presses into me

From above.

One quick swell

And I turn your world dark.

As dark as the air

That presses above me

Can get.


But for now,

Play in me.

For now enjoy my wonders.

You human,

Are a welcome guest.


For now.

Selfie In A Taxi

This is a short poem I wrote about a picture I took with my siblings on vacation. 20170314_153712.jpg


We piled into the back

Of the open-air taxi

The heat of the day

Beat into the metal roof


We sat side by side

You and you and me

Each of us held

A little day bag in our laps


Cover ups on

Ready to hit the sand

And Swim suits

Ready to get wet


On that little tropical island

Fresh off the boat

Who knows what day it was

We were on vacation


Each of us sitting

With our sun kissed skin

Smiled at the camera

For another selfie